Are ‘shoppable’ posts twitter’s next step?

Twitter discusses ‘click and purchase’ option at this month’s analysts presentation

29 September 2021

With a growing expectation that we should be able to ‘click purchase’ on every product image we see online, social platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok are including shopping tools in their B2B offerings. Is twitter joining the party?

News this week from the twitter analyst presentation is that twitter is working on a shopping card option.

The proposed twitter card will have a clear call to action and a large SHOP button linking in a few clicks to a transaction page to complete purchase. The move opens new opportunities for online retailers to broaden their social outreach: with the ability to drive both brand awareness and sales via social media.

Below is an example of a twitter shopping card, posted by Yasser Masood (and shared by Matt Navarra) . Still in development, the card will feature an image and name of the product, its price and a link to a transaction page via a large ‘Shop’ button.

eCommerce Boom

This development is happening at a time when eCommerce is experiencing unprecedented growth in Ireland. Online sales increased dramatically as the pandemic hit and traditional ‘brick and mortar’ businesses were driven online to survive.

According to a study from Wolfgang Digital, the Irish online economy grew 159% during the pandemic. This represents an increase from an average annual growth of 32% between 2017 and 2019. The same report reveals that 67% of Irish online retailers turned over €1 million or more in online revenue. This figure is up from 41% in 2019. (February 2021)

Twitter Usage in Ireland

What is the market opportunity?

34% of the Irish population have a twitter account, an increase of 4% since January 2020. 45% of twitter users log in every day (IPSOS MRBI, June 2020).

New Tools, New Opportunities

The SHOP button is an interesting move by Twitter into the eCommerce arena and another step towards becoming a small business-friendly platform. A shopping card provides another way for businesses to connect with their audiences and share products for immediate purchase. The shop button arrives at a time when online retail is experiencing incredible growth. According to twitter, developments are still in the early stages however it’s likely that we will see movement on this in the near future.

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