Outsource Finance


All professional services firms need good business management. However, only the largest can justify the expense of employing full time experts to watch the finances, implement business development strategies and run case management systems, while the principals of the business concentrate on delivering excellent client work.

Outsource Finance provides SME-sized professional services firms with access to the kind of financial and business management expertise enjoyed by the largest firms in the sector – on terms that make sense to their business.

Over the past four years, Shaw Consulting has collaborated with Outsource Finance to deliver a  ‘Master Class’ series in practice management aimed at partners, potential partners and practice managers in professional services firms.

The modules addressed the key areas of strategy, business planning, finance, cash flow management, IT, HR, marketing and leadership; providing participants with a 360° view on the realities of managing a law practice.

Suzanne Shaw delivers a module in marketing for non-marketers – aimed at practitioners in professional services firms who want to market themselves and their practice effectively.

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