Mohill Family Support Centre

Project Objective

Design of a new brand identity for Mohill Family Support Centre.


Located on Main Street, Mohill, Co Leitrim, Mohill Family Support Centre provides support services for the local community, facilitating activities, classes and groups. Serving the people of Mohill and the surrounding areas, the Centre also offers an outreach service to Ballinamore and Carrigallen.

Behind the brand

The Centre aims not only to support, but to empower the community they work with, in a spirit of equality, inclusion and compassion. Staff respond to needs as they emerge and are flexible in their approach to meeting these needs. The Centre and its staff act with openness and transparency, while respecting the privacy of those who use the Centre’s services. These are the qualities the client wanted encompassed in their new logo.

Developing the identity

In consultation with staff, we arrived at a colour palette that we felt reflected the Centre’s ethos and worked well in terms of developing a strong, recognisable identity.

Mohill colours

Colour palette chosen as part of the branding exercise.

Purple conveys strength and empowerment.  Orange communicates warmth, fun, energy, openness, friendliness and activity.  White represents peace –  identifying the centre as a safe, inclusive place – a haven for people to come to for support.  Finally, grey provided a sense of balance. Used as a base colour, it has more energy than black and works well as a contrast colour to the rest of the palette.

Final design

The client was presented with a number of options for consideration. The images chosen evoked family, community, shelter, home, support, help, access, care, warmth and inclusiveness – aspects that were important to the Centre, its staff and clients.

The logo below was chosen as it was found to be a clean, strong image reflecting the ethos of the Centre and its role in the local community.

Mohill Family Support Centre Logo

Final Logo

The project also included the delivery of MFSC Brand Guidelines to ensure the consistent representation of the brand across the Centre’s various communications activities and community initiatives. See below.

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