Marketing Master Class for Legal Sector – March 2017

downloadAre you a legal practitioner who would like to learn more about all aspects of law practice management?

Outsource Finance is delivering a master class series in legal practice management commencing February 2017 and I will be presenting a session entitled ‘Marketing your Practice‘ on February 15th. The session promises to be practical and informative, highlighting a number of smart approaches that you can implement immediately in your practice to drive client engagement and profitability.


Running a law firm successfully is a complex business, which requires an array of attributes, assumed to come naturally. The reality is that many partners and potential partners are excellent practitioners, who enjoy the client work but often feel ill-equipped to run or assist in running a business.  There is a worrying assumption that they will simply acquire the ‘know-how’, despite having had little or no exposure to running a law firm while employed solicitors or through formal training.

What will you learn?

This  ‘Master Class’ series provides the essentials on what many  partners, potential partners and practice managers  say they must do but very often don’t.  It will address the key areas of strategy, business planning, finance, cash flow management, IT, HR, marketing and leadership, providing participants with a 360° view on what running a law firm like a business really means.


This series of nine integrated workshops will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants and delivered by a team of subject matter experts, rich in previous and current law firm experience. Online access is also available. The modules will be practical and relevant, addressing day to day challenges, opportunities and long-term objectives.  The sessions are suited to any partner, potential partner or practice manager eager to learn more about the business of practice management and development.


  • Further details from the Outsource Finance website
  • Dates: February – March,  2017 from 8 to 9 a.m.
  • Location:Outsource Finance, Hambleden House, 19-26 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.
  • Cost:  €950 per participant and the sessions will run from 8am to 9am over 9 weeks
  • Bookings: Email David Rowe at Outsource Finance.